Google will launch high-end smart speakers - Google Home "Max"


According to the technology blog 9to5google reported on September 28, quoted two informed sources, Google is developing a larger, better quality, the price is also more expensive Google Home smart speaker products, will Sonos Play : 3 and other similar products to form a challenge. Two sources said that the future of Google's new smart speakers will use stereo speakers; and one of the sources of information is to disclose the new Google's internal product name: Google Home "Max" (hereinafter referred to as "Max").

At present, it is not possible to prove the detailed function or design of "Max", only to learn that it will use stereo speakers; in terms of appearance, only know that its design and materials used are "premium" program. One of the sources pointed out that "Max" is certainly only a temporary name.

"Max" speakers have appeared in an earlier this year, an anonymous report. At that time, the report said that in the Google company within a much concerned about the development team to provide products among the list, including "Max". The latest rumors say the group's products include a smaller Google Home, a high-end Chrome OS laptop, and other products, including a pair of smartphones.

At present there is no way to know "Max" speaker products in the development stage, but also do not know whether the product will come out of Google this year on October 4 new conference. Recently, there are rumors that Google will be held on October 4 conference, launched Google Home Mini, the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smart phones and "Pixelbook" Chrome OS notebook and other new products. A source of information is simply that there is such a "possibility".

From a strategic point of view, Google is likely to be released later this year, the product, and then listed, because Apple will launch HomePod in December this year. But the current speculation is very vague, because the vendor's product release plan may change in an instant.

But in any case, it is clear that Google is very interested in expanding the influence of Google Assistant in the user's home through dedicated hardware. Especially with the Apple HomePod listing, as a high-level smart speakers, Apple will use HomePod to create high-quality music playback services, so Google launched a similar function of auxiliary equipment, is of great significance.